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British fish fan splashes out on the world’s largest koi

A British fish fan has taken delivery of the world’s biggest koi carp – a 4ft monster that tips the scales at a staggering six-and-a-half-stone.

Koi vs. Carp: What’s the Big Difference Between Them

Koi vs. Carp: Coloration. The most obvious and most important difference between koi fish and the common carp is their coloration. Koi fish come in a whole spectrum of colors and patterns. Some of the colors common for koi fish are red, yellow, orange, black, blue, and white.

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Dec 01, 2011 · Koi fish, humble common carp bred for color and beauty, find their way into art and into the ponds of the very wealthy; the most beautiful have sold for up to $2.2 million.

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Many koi will grow larger than this but the genetic background of each individual fish greatly impacts its maximum size. The largest and heaviest koi carp on record is a 1.26 meter long, 42 kg fish named Big Girl, but most ornamental koi do not approach this size!

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This particular vitamin fortified formula is excellent for meeting pretty much every dietary need that your koi carp has. You can check the current price here. 5. Laguna All Season Koi Floating Food. One of the big benefits that comes along with Laguna All Season Koi Floating Food is that it is designed to be fed to koi fish year round.

What Is A Carp And What Is A Koi

Since the koi has been developed under ideal conditions, it tends to be larger than the common carp. On average, the koi tends to grow up to 28 inches while the common carp usually grows only up to 27 inches. However, common carps can grow bigger than some koi. In fact, the largest carp caught weighed 105 pounds, several pounds heavier than Big Girl, the largest koi. Koi Fins v Carp Fins. Since the koi …

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Koi Hanako, is a great example of the how long living koi carps truly are. Next to whales, turtoises, and tuataras, koi are one of the longest living vertebrae on Earth. Posted on August 1, 2014 by Dan Shitamura and filed under News and tagged koi .

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Apr 10, 2016 · The biggest i have ever seen. Ep.2 Sweet Potato Betta Tank (New Wild Betta) – No filter, No CO2, NO ferts 4.5 Gallon Nano Tank – Duration: 5:37. Foo the Flowerhorn 3,207,771 views

World’s most expensive Koi Carp is bought for £1.4 million

Koi Carp, which originated in Japan, come in more than a dozen varieties and are distinguished by their colouring, patterning, and scalation. The Kohaku variety is a white-skinned koi, with large