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Skin conditions that cause the feet to itch include: allergic contact dermatitis, which can be caused by something like new laundry detergent athlete’s foot , or tinea pedis (fungal infection)

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If your itchy feet are caused by dry skin, you’ll noticed flaky, scale-like areas, as well as cracks in the skin, Dr. Ragland says. On darker complexions, dry skin can look white or ashy.

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When your hands and feet itch, the right treatment can bring you some relief. How you treat the itching, though, depends a lot on the cause of the problem.. It may just be dry skin, which can be

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Itchy feet can be bothersome and uncomfortable. They are usually the result of a fungal infection or skin condition, but many other things can lead to the itching.

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Jan 25, 2019 · Itchy swollen feet can be caused by many different ailments and conditions, including joint disorders, allergies, skin conditions, topical irritation or infection. The simplest causes of itchy, swollen feet are often those related to standing or walking for a …

Itchy Skin and Diabetes – Itchiness in Legs, Feet, Ankles

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Itchy feet and legs can sometimes be a stealth symptom of type 2 diabetes, because when there’s extra sugar in the blood, the kidneys make more urine to flush it out—and fluid loss equals dry

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Oct 08, 2017 · Itchy feet may be caused by dry skin, eczema, an infection, or – less commonly – an underlying medical condition. Itchy skin can be uncomfortable, and scratching it can cause bleeding and infection. Fortunately, the most common causes of itchy feet can be treated at home.


Itchy skin at night: Causes, conditions, and relief

Itchy skin at night, or nocturnal pruritus, is a common condition typically caused by natural bodily processes, conditions that irritate the skin, or medications.