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Locate backups of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Locate iOS backups stored on your Mac or PC. iTunes saves backups to a Backup folder in your Users folder. The location of the Backup folder varies by operating system. Though you can copy the Backup folder, you should never move it to a different folder, external …

Back up and restore your iTunes Library

Where is the iPhone/iTunes backup location in Windows 10

When you use iTunes to make a backup with your iOS device in window 10, you will want to know where is iPhone backup location. Or how to restore backup data from iPhone backup location. Here we will give you the answer. Before the Window 10, we check the iTunes backup location on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 8. In Windows 10.

How to Change iTunes Backup Location on Windows 10

cmd /c rmdir D:\New iTunes Backups. Change the file path at the end of the command line as required to point to your new iTunes backup location.

How to Find iPhone Backup Location and Delete Backups

How to find iPhone Backup Location on Windows and Mac. iTunes backups are stored locally on …

How To Change iTunes Backup Location | CopyTrans Shelbee

Jun 25, 2013 · Begin by downloading CopyTrans Shelbee from the following page: Download CopyTrans Shelbee. (CopyTrans Shelbee runs on Windows 10, 8 and 7) Close iTunes and start CopyTrans Shelbee. Click on “Toolbox”. Click on the Pencil symbol to choose a new location for your iTunes backup folder. Select the folder and click OK. Tap on “Start”.


Where to Find iTunes Backup Location on Windows – iMobie

# 2: iTunes Backup Location on Mac OS (X) and macOS Sierra. On a Mac, whether in OS X or new released macOS Sierra, the default location should be: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/. To access backup files, you can go to Finder menu bar > Go > Go to Folder…, > Type into the location > Click “Go”.

How to change the iTunes backup location –

The default iTunes backup location is set to the PC or Mac’s primary disk. Many users have large backups or backups from a number of iOS devices, and as a consequence they find themselves running low on disk space.

Change iTunes backup location – Apple Community

Feb 26, 2018 · 2.) Do not have a “Backup” in the location you want to link to. 3.) Run mklink command and it will put a shortcut in the C: location, which points to where you want it in the new location. 4.) Go to the new location and make an empty “Backup” folder. 5.) Go try backup from Itunes (I …

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