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The 5 Best Area 51 Documentaries on YouTube — Area51

Nevada’s Extraterrestrial Highway near Area 51, from an Area 51 documentary Area 51 is really a lot of things: a secret base, sure, but also a legendary road trip in the desert southwest of the US, a magnet for paranormal claims, a UFO hotspot, and let’s not forget the rumors about alien technology.

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In 1989, the revelations of Bob lazar, a Las Vegas resident, brought the strange goings-on at Area 51 to a national audience. He claimed to have amazing inside information on the stark terrain 90 miles north of Las Vegas.


Area 51 2018 | BEST AREA 51 DOCUMENTARY – Black Program

BEST AREA 51 DOCUMENTARY – Black Program & UFO Secret Technology Exposed Area 51 2018. Author UFO REAL HD Posted on May 23, 2018 Categories Area 51 2018 Tags 2018, Area, Best, BLACK, Documentary, Exposed, Program, Secret, Technology.

National Geographic: Area 51 The CIA’s Secret Files – YouTube

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Jul 30, 2016 · National Geographic: Area 51 The CIA’s Secret Files TheArea51Rider. (Baltic Sea UFO Documentary) | Timeline – Duration: 58:12. Best Documentary 521,262 views.

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Hey, i’ve been interested on watching some good documentaries lately and it came to my mind to watch a Documentary about Area 51, a thing that i’ve been wating to research deeper for a while now. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Top responsesRedditWill Smith made a few.8 votesIndependence Day. But for real, I have heard that a Doco called Dreamland was really good. I haven’t seen it myself but it’s listed on the top documentaries … read more3 votesIt’s not specifically about Area 51 but ‘Mirage Men’ is a pretty cool documentary about UFOs, US Military bases and alien mythology.3 votesWhen you say documentary, what do you hope to learn about? The real Area 51 that was likely used to test new aircraft? Or the fictional Area 51 that is … read more3 votesI’m interested too.2 votesWell, good luck with that2 votesSee all

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A subreddit dedicated to the upcoming AMC show Area 51 by Chris Carter (creator of The X-Files) .

3 Great UFO Documentary Movies on YouTube – Area51

Note: you might want to check out the best Area 51 documentaries on YouTube, too. Out of the Blue. This well-respected film is widely considered to be the best UFO documentary ever made.