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Sep 16, 2015 · This river wasn’t remarkable at all until the photographer Steve Richards found an amazing foreshortening and took a picture of it. Its official name is Odeleite River, but it is more known as the Blue Dragon because of its dark blue color and such unusual curvy shape. Incredibly twisty riverbed


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The “Blue Dragon River” was nicknamed thus after it was photographed from above by this man. Little is known of the history of this awe-striking river.

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2) “The Blue Dragon River” is in the region of Castro Marim in Algarve, Portugal. The river stream Odeleite is called as “The Blue Dragon River” because of its faint blue shade and awe-inspiring shape.

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The river is also known as “The Blue Dragon River” because its dark blue color and curvy shape resembles that of a dragon. The Odeleite River. Coordinates This Faro location article is a stub

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Blue Dragon River is a famous river in Portugal. Blue Dragon River Portugal has a strange dark blue color and a curvy shape.

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river is not named blue dragon river, it´s just the internet calling him that. That river is called Odeleite, that shape is due to a dam which was made in the 20th century.

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The Odeleite River known also as the “Blue Dragon”, Portugal.
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In fact, Odeleite River has been frequently dubbed Blue Dragon River.

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