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Hello! I was recently sent an email from PlayStation music about being able to get 3 months of spotify premium for $0.99 but it says the deal expired 6/26 and I just thought this was, in a way, not fair because I am just now seeing the email because I was on a cruise without phone signal and I got home today and I saw it while looking through my emails that I missed.

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Unfortunately you missed the 3 months for $0.99 promo that started back in June of this year, sorry. Every so often Spotify does a promo like that either for Summer or New Years.

Spotify is $0.99 for 3 months of premium right now! : Music

Start 3 months of Premium for $9.99 Listen without the distraction of ads Play music with no phone service Skip as many songs as you want Only $9.99/month afterwards. (+ tax) Cancel anytime. It looks like it’s 9.99$ for 3 months and then $9.99 per month afterwards.

Top responsesRedditWhat’s ridiculous is that I have been a loyal subscriber, paying $10 a month for years, and they don’t allow me to use this promo How bout some loyalty rewards?125 votesWorth noting that it only applies to new Premium members. Also, you can take advantage of the Student discount if you have an email address ending … read more14 votesConfirmed for UK .3 votesYeah haha, I got it last month. I was very excited since it’s my first time getting Spotify premium.3 votesconfirmed for germany, since a few days3 votesJust two days ago I bought it for $9.99. :C I also got a message on my phone about it.3 votesSee all


* Spotify® 30-Days Free Trial Offer Terms and Conditions apply. Users who have subscribed to the Premium or Unlimited service or who have taken a trial are ineligible for this offer. Users who have subscribed to the Premium or Unlimited service or who have taken a trial are ineligible for this offer.

Spotify Premium – 3 Months For Only $0.99 –

Spotify Premium is sometimes available for only $0.99 (instead of $9.99) in the first 3 months. The Spotify Premium offer ended June 30, 2018 , but you can still try Spotify Premium free for a trial month.

Spotify offers three months of Premium for just $0.99

Spotify Premium gives you no ads, offline listening, on-demand listening even on mobile and better sound quality, and normally costs $9.99. So to get three months for just $0.99 sounds like a deal

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Nov 28, 2018 · thought it was for 6 months? In any case, I was considering that eBay deal but I think it might be better to wait for more other promos instead of paying up front remik wrote: ↑

[Spotify] Spotify – 3 months for 0.99 CAD May 18, 2017
[Spotify] Try Spotify Premium for 3 months for only 99 Apr 30, 2015

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