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How many times does Ron Weasley say ‘bloody hell’ in the

In the movies, Ron says the phrase “Bloodly Hell” 23 times, unlike the book, where he doesn’t say it at all! (Due to the fact J.K. Rowling wanted the series to be a children’s book and that meant no swears).

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Bloody hell!-Ron Weasley. September 12, 2013 · The fandom is resurfacing Really want them to do a mauraders-era movie after the FBaWtFT movies! Would love to see more about James and Lily’s relationship, since without it, there would be no Harry!! ~Astoria. See All.

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“Bloody hell!” From the popular film series, “Harry Potter”, comes a Nendoroid action figure of Harry’s good friend, Ron Weasley! He comes with two face plates including his standard expression and his nervous expression!

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Shop Bloody Hell (Quote from Harry Potter) ron weasley long sleeve t-shirts designed by OKDave as well as other ron weasley merchandise at TeePublic.

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Harry and Ron run in at that moment. “Thank goodness she’s not here right now.” Ron said quite loudly. The cat jumped off the table. Midway through the jump, it transformed into professor McGonagall. She stood up, brushing off her robes. “Bloody Hell!” Ron exclaimed. “Watch your mouth Mr. Weasley.” The Professor said sternly. He shut up

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Ronald Weasley images bloody hell wallpaper and background photos. bloody hell. i thnk its from deathly hallows. Wallpaper and background images in the Ronald Weasley club tagged: ron weasley. Fan of it? 3 fans. Submitted by Damonsgurl24. i thnk its from deathly hallows.

How many times does Ron in all of the Harry Potters say

Oct 30, 2006 · How many times does Ron in all of the Harry Potters say Bloody Hell? I will be watching it soon (all 4) so as soon as i do i will choose the best answer. 1 following . 10 answers 10. How many times did Ron Weasley say “Bloody Hell” is all the Harry Potter movies/books? Harry potter Q? Harry Potter Opinion-aire? More questions.

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Gandalf: *irritated* Oh, bloody HELL! *whacks Denethor with his staff* OR Hermione: *punches Malfoy in his snivelling face* Bloody hell, I’ve wanted to do that for ages! Ron: Bloody hell! I think I love you.

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Ron Weasley: Ron’s reaction would consist mostly of the phases “Bloody hell” and My girlfriend’s dad is trying to kill my best mate” He would actually try to avoid you until Hermione and Ginny made him realise he was being a prick and he apologized.

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Quotes and Mis-Quotes. “Bloody hell!” No, Ron never says this. Well, okay, he says it in Cursed Child, but as that was written way after the films and not even by Rowling, I think it’s safe to say that they were just copying the non-canon catchphrase. The Harry Potter Lexicon is an unofficial Harry Potter fansite. HARRY POTTER

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“Bloody Hell” – Ron Weasley. I’m going to bed before wither of you come up with any more ideas to get us all killed, or worse, expelled” – Hermione Granger Log in …

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Follow/Fav Bloody Hell Weasley! By: kay.kay. Harry & Pansy just got together. She & Blaise have been together. “Can you bloody leave already?” he mumbled angrily once her fingers started to trail lower. “Well actually, more like ‘Ron Weasley is a pig-headed brat who looks awfully good in arse-less leather chaps and fuzzy pink handcuffs


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