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Somatic symptom disorder (SSD formerly known as “somatization disorder” or “somatoform disorder”) is a form of mental illness that causes one or more bodily symptoms, including pain.

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Oct 04, 2013 · Background. [1] The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for PrimaryCare (DSM-PC) Child and Adolescent Versions, issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics, is based on the DSM-IV and continues to be a guide for the practicing pediatrician Pain disorder is a somatoform disorder in which the predominant focus of the clinical presentation is pain in

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Somatoform Disorders. The somatoform disorders are a group of psychiatric disorders in which patients present with a myriad of clinically significant but unexplained physical symptoms. They include somatization disorder, undifferentiated somatoform disorder, hypochondriasis, conversion disorder, pain disorder, body dysmorphic disorder,

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Somatoform disorder is a mental illness that is the cause for bodily symptoms, which can include different types of pain. It is also called somatic symptom disorder (SSD) or somatization disorder. There may or may not be any physical evidence that traces to a medical cause or diagnosis,

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Types of Somatoform Disorders. Pain Disorder – Chronic pain in one or more areas of the body that has no identifiable cause. Hypochondriasis – A belief that physical symptoms (either real or imagined) are signs of a serious illness, even when medical tests show otherwise.

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Many people who are thought to have a somatoform disorder also have other mental health problems such as depression, anxiety or substance abuse. Treatment of these other mental health problems may improve the situation. If the person can be convinced that mental factors may contribute to, or cause,

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Somatization Disorder. The somatoform disorders (see Chapter 16) comprise a group of disorders in which complaints and anxiety about physical illness are the predominant clinical features. These complaints exist in the absence of sufficient organic findings to explain the pain.

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Taking somatization disorder as an example, the somatoform screening section of a ‘patient health questionnaire’ asks about various physical symptoms; if a patient is bothered “a lot” by 3 or more symptoms that do not have a good medical explanation, somatoform disorder becomes a possibility.

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Somatic symptom disorder (SSD) occurs when a person feels extreme anxiety about physical symptoms such as pain or fatigue. The person has intense thoughts, feelings, and behaviors related to the symptoms that interfere with daily life.