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Banana Curry Pizza – A Swedish Favorite – My Kitchen Sink

Jun 06, 2010 · Banana Curry Pizza – A Swedish Favorite By Cattie Coyle 8 Comments Today is Sweden’s National Holiday (yay, Sweden!) and in honor of that, I thought I’d post a very Swedish recipe: banana curry pizza …

Servings: 2

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swedish banana pizza unknown This sex move requires you to find yourself a nice Swedish woman. and break her hib bones pushing one up and one down. Break both legs and bend them opposite one another, Similar to a helicopter.

We Tried The Banana Pizza That’s Freaking People Out

We Tried The Banana Pizza That’s Freaking People Out “This should replace Hawaiian pizza.” I’d replace all pineapple on pizza with banana. Hawaiian pizza is now Swedish pizza. This is the future.

Swedish banana curry pizza is a thing – Trending & Viral

Swedish banana curry pizza. Yes, banana and curry. This is not a new thing, the Swedes have been doing this for awhile. What is new, is its growing popularity in America, much like the pickle pizza craze of early September (what amazing and strange days those were).

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Pizza with banana and curry? Try Swedish pies at Reds – Umgås

We’ve turned into Swedish pizza fanatics at Umgås, and we’re highlighting another stateside Swedish pizzeria this week. To learn more about what makes Swedish pizza Swedish, we caught up with the man, the myth, the Swedish pizza legend: Alec Cartio of Los Angeles.

Dear Sweden: What The Hell Are You Putting On Your Pizza?

Banana! Curry! (that would be Pizza Hajk from Pizzeria Värmland in Orebro) Tomato sauce! Cheese! Canned Fruit Cocktail! The strangeness of Swedish Pizza is a well-known phenomenon.

Do you put bananas on your pizza in Sweden? Sincerely, a

Do you put bananas on your pizza in Sweden? Sincerely, a concerned Canadian. (self.sweden) submitted 2 years ago by American or anywhere else really. I wouldnt enjoy banana on an American pizza. Even if you have thin crust its not even remotely the same. (eating Turkish pizza is the closest I have come to Swedish Pizza outside of Sweden

Top responsesRedditWhat don’t we put on pizza, really?106 votesFor you we would make a maple syrup pizza. Multicultural.21 votesYes, banana, Hawaii tropic, Indiana, Milano, to name a couple, have banana on em, depending on where you order em.20 votesI really enjoy pizza with Chicken, Banana and bearnaisesås on.29 votesAre you hating on our pizzas?5 votesBanana, pineapple, curry and of course the king of cheese, Västerbottencheese.4 votesSee all

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The Swedish pizza is recognizable, but yet the myriad combinations of tomato sauce, cheese, banana, capers, chicken, ham, guacamole, onions etc. etc. very much ad nauseum provides a pleasant

The mysterious Swedish pizza salad | Swedish Language Blog

The mysterious Swedish pizza salad Posted by jennie on Aug 27, 2010 in Culture, food, Uncategorized. If not, I can tell you that a Swedish pizza, Swedish chicken and banana pizza and gyros tallrik are two of my favourite dishes. Edit. Mark: