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Worried – ovarian cyst and raised CA125. Hi OP and other posters, my gynae said that Ca125 is a measure of inflammation in the abdomen – and so mine was raised because of an endometrioma due to endometriosis. My Ca125 went up between blood tests to about 150 (I think). Hope this helps as general info. Best wishes.

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I wonder if CA 125 is elevated in ovarian cyst in benign condition! Comment from: Phillygirl73, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: June 11 I am 45 years old and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

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Other things besides Ovarian Cancer can cause the markers to go up especially in premenopausal women. That’s why it’s sort of helpful if we know your age. …

Hello I had a CA125 blood test a few months ago and this is a tumour marker test. I have a raised tumour marker because I have endometriosis. My Consultant said this is more than likely due to the Endo but could be related to problems with my ovaries. As Im currently being treated for Endo, large fibroid, a cyst on my ovary my consultant has put me on a monthy injection of Zoladex for three months to reduce the Endo and therefore should reduce the Tumour marker (which i hope so as the worse case scenario is ovarian cancer) Im not suggesting that this is going to happen to you just my experience and everyone is different. I know this doesnt exactly help really but i think your consultant is just making sure by performing this test and is standard practice really as you have a cystic mass. I hope everything goes ok with you. xHi Wendyjams is right .. Other things besides Ovarian Cancer can cause the markers to go up especially in premenopausal women. That’s why it’s sort of helpful if we know your age. Even an infection can cause that CA-125 to be elevated.. The original use of the test was for ladies already dx. with ovca.. It is used to determine if the treatment is working . The problem is that you will hear from some ladies that have OVCA and their CA-125 was low and those without cancer whose results were quite high. So for that reason, it isn’t really reliable.. Now, if you’re postmenoopausal, they feel a little differently and the test has more reliability. What sort of cyst do you have? You need to remember 2 things that are very very important. If you are premenopausal, cysts are very very common (check out the Health Pages top right of this page.. lots of cyst information) and. cysts are 95 % benign. When is your surgery scheduled? And are you having a laparoscope? If so, there is a lot of information about that too.And rather humorous (which we’re known for on here.. it relieves the stress a little bit) . let me know and I’ll send the link or look for a posst from “Painterchic”..Keep us posted and try not to worry. SandyThank you for your reply.Thank you for your reply. I am 41 years old. I don’t know what the cyst is called, but it is apparently soft and quite large (8 cm). After two ultrasounds, it still cannot be determined if it is ovarian in nature but the gyn thinks it is. She is planning to remove it along with one ovary via laparoscope if the blood work, pap and third ultrasound come back favorably. If not, she has advised that she will perform a complete hysterectomy. The surgery is scheduled for Dec. 10/08. Thanks for your help.I’m sure (although I’m not a Dr. ) that all the tests will come back favorably.. please try not to worry .. And do check the”Health Pages ” at the top right if you haven’t already. Let us know, Sandy

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Endometriosis, benign ovarian cysts, first trimester of pregnancy, and pelvic inflammatory disease all produce higher levels of CA-125. 70% of people with cirrhosis, 60% of people with pancreatic cancer, and 20%-25% of people with other malignancies have elevated levels of CA-125.

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No. The level of CA125 in your blood can rise for many reasons including endometriosis, menstruation, ovarian cysts, and sometimes ovarian cancer. This is one reason why it cannot accurately be used as a screening test for ovarian cancer. If the level of CA125 in your blood is 35

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Mar 03, 2015 · Worried about Ovarian cyst, pain & CA125 1 Mar 2015 17:24. Hello. Just like everybody else posting, im getting increasingly worried of my symptoms & would be grateful in some advice or woukd like to hear if anyone has been in similar situation.

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Communities > Ovarian Cancer > 8 cm complex cyst and CA125 of 130. Aa. A. A. A. Close Ovarian Cancer Community 6.25k Members 8 cm complex cyst and CA125 of 130 Foggybottom. Recently diagnosed with a 8 cm complex ovarian cyst and scheduled for surgery Sep 6th. Just curious how many of you had complex cysts with elevated CA125s that turned out to

I had an endometrioma removed in 2004. I had symptoms for seven months prior to the surgery. BUT, I did not recognize the symptoms for what they were until just weeks before my surgery. My cyst, at removal, was larger than yours (roughly 15 cm) but my CA-125 was within normal range. It was removed along with the effected ovary and fallopian tube. Had I known then what I know now, I’d have gone in for a complete hysterectomy instead. Since the 2004 surgery, I have had several incidences of cysts forming on the remaining ovary, and also required a procedure to remove polyps from my uterus. However, I am already perimenopausal and not desiring to have children, so perhaps it is easy for me to feel this way.Hello, I have a large 13cm cyst as well as several other symptoms. My CA-125 level was slightly elevated and I am scheduled for surgery on the 31st of this month. My doctor expects to find a bad case of endometreosis. BUT – I do have friend who who had a grapefruit sized cyst and a high CA-125 level who was told she had ovarian cancer ONLY to discover that it was truly you never know until the biopsy comes back. Don’t worry. I’m sure you have been told that the CA-125 is not reliable at all (for dianosing ovarian cancer) and that most cysts are benign. I too ignored my symptoms for months and now that i have been diagnosed i think EVERY twitch and pain is coming from the cyst when before I would have ignored them anyway. So don’t read too much into the symptoms. I believe that if the doctor was more concerned he would have scheduled your surgery sooner rather than later. But perhaps you should tell him you aren’t comfortable with waiting that long and ask for some more tests (CT scan, MRI, etc) in order to help get some clarification. God bless you, lauraHi! I am a week out on having a 8 cm dermoid cyst removed through laparotomy. I am 26 years old. My family has a strong history of ovarian cancer so my dr preformed the CA 125 test and it was in the normal range, but was told by my doctor that that is no assurance that you do have ovarian cancer it will take a biopsy to know for definite and most of the time that can be done laporoscopic which isn’t as bad as open. But you will probably still need help with the children. Good luck!Thanks Everyone! Mikki, was your cyst a single cyst or did it have septations? I’m in your boar, 47 years old and no children in the plans, so maybe I should go ahead and do everything, it just seems a bit drastic is it’s only an endometrioma.. Mother of 2, what was your CA 125? Why does the doctor think endo? And was your cyst a single or complex one? And yeah, I know I’m over reading the symptoms 🙂 Becca, Glad it wounds like your will be just a simple dermoid! Best to you!Sorry for all the typos above, I guess I should spell check first!I am 26yrs old and my CA125 was 46 prior to my surgery. I was diagnosed with stage 3c Ov/Ca after my surgery. Obviously this is not a reliable test to diagnose this type of cancer, and no Dr I know would ever tell someone they have cancer based on this blood test. Ovarian cancer can only be properly diagnosed through a biopsy, and then the CA125 test is used to monitor levels throughout chemo to see if the tumors are responding.Tybear is correct in all she saysstillI am concerned I haven’t heard anyone saying they are having their surgery done by or consulting with a gyn/ I not hearing everything.ladies.YOU HAVE ONLY ONE CHANCE TO GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME..and for the best prognosis, you must see a gyn/oncologist as this arena is his specialty!! This is definately the person you want doing your surgery, because if cancer is found they are your best hope in getting it all removedthat includes endo or dermoids or whatever is found.please do yourself a favor and find yourself a good gyn/oncologist. Peace. dianMy CA-125 was 40. My cyst was complex. My dr told me that the test means nothing (either way) and that, yes, my chances are not 0 about cancer but that they are very very low. I’m only 32 and have a whole lot more to do and a lot more of the world to see. So, i’m keeping my chin up and believing for the best.taking one day at a time. I gain nothing from worrying. I hope I answered your questions. LauraThanks all, IHi, I have not posted in a while, so let me fill you in! In April I discovered what we thought was one pelvic mass, CT and US indicated one 8cm mass. All set to have surgery by regular gyn, the Ca 125 results come in at 123. She turned me over to a gyn/onc the very next day I saw him, he was ready to surgery the day after I saw him. I was pretty certain things must be bad, if the head of gyn/onc for the Cleveland Clinic system will put you in within 24 hours. Well, surgery was performed the next week, I had consented to the removal of anything necessary. Fortunately what was discovered was bilateral endometriomas, (TWO,) one was 9cm. and one was 11 cm. I had a total hysterectomy bilateral salpingo-oopherectomy. I do not regret for one minute having them remove it all. I am fortunate to have three beautiful boys, and I don’t really want to deal with that fear returning. I was a basket case before the surgery. I had a laparotomy with vertical incision. It wasn’t awful, the first week wasn’t fun, but after that was fine. I have had zero menopause symptoms, So I have been fortunate. So it is possible for it to be O.K. Good Luck, Shari

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Ovarian Cyst Elevated CA125 and complex cysts – just terrified! Follow Posted 4 years ago they are dermoid cysts and actually sent me a letter saying no further action was needed with them.They explained the CA125 an indicator of ovarian problems and not always OC.A further CA125 showed the level had gone down to 45.

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