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Flushing, itching, and headaches are some of the more common side effects seen with niacin. Usually, these side effects subside over time and often are dose related. Take niacin with a full glass of cold or cool water since taking the medication with a hot drink may increase your risk of side effects.

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Less serious side effects of niacin include: mild dizziness; warmth, redness, or tingly feeling under your skin; itching, dry skin; sweating or chills; nausea, diarrhea, belching, gas; muscle pain, leg cramps; or; sleep problems (insomnia). This is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur.

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Other minor side effects of niacin are stomach upset, intestinal gas, dizziness, pain in the mouth, and other problems. When doses of over 3 grams per day of niacin are taken, more serious side effects can happen. These include liver problems, gout, ulcers of the …

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Some of the more common side effects of niacin can include: reddening and warming of your face (flushing) diarrhea. nausea. vomiting. increased cough. itching.

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Vitamin B3 / Niacin Side Effects, Benefits & Foods. The common niacin side effects are headaches, dizziness, low blood pressure and more. Continue reading for a complete list of possible side effects, benefits, sources and signs of deficiency.

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However, the drug Niacin has some known severe side-effects. The major symptoms are listed below –. Vomiting and nauseating effect. Light headedness and getting unconscious. Rash, irritation and itching of the skin. Skin flush and sometimes dizziness associated with it. Eyes and skin becoming yellow.

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More in High Cholesterol. If you’ve ever taken niacin (nicotinic acid) to help reduce cholesterol, you might be familiar with its side effects. These include flushing, itching, and hot flashes. Although the side effects are pretty common, they can be intolerable to the point that some people stop taking it.

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Other side effects that can occur from niacin supplements can be unpleasant, but aren’t necessarily dangerous or life threatening. According to MedlinePlus, Mayo Clinic, and the Linus Pauling Institute, these side effects may include: Gas. Dizziness. Mouth pain. Upset stomach. Diarrhea. Nausea.

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Niacin side effects – from FDA reports In this review, we analyze Niacin side effects by the time on the drug, gender and age of the people who have side effects while taking Niacin. The review is based on 6,582 people who have side effects while taking the drug from FDA, and is updated regularly.

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Take niacin with food. Common side effects of niacin include warmth and redness of the face (flushing), itching, rash, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and cough. Niacin may cause dizziness and blurred vision. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery until you know how niacin affects you.