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Battlefield 2142 – Reclamation

Welcome to the 2142 Reclamation project! Reclamation is reclaiming the battlefield. In the face of Revive’s shut down of Battlefield related operations, several dedicated players of the 2142 playerbase decided to take upon the mission and pleasure of once again helping in the task of keeping 2142 running.

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Revive Network – Thank You

Over the past 3 and a half years, Revive Network has filled a void in nearly 1 million players’ hearts by bringing favorite titles back to life after online services were closed after the GameSpy shutdown. Only a few months ago, we took on the task of bringing multiplayer services online for a fan-favorite, Battlefield …

Revive BF 2142 launched – play NOW — Battlefield Forums

Aug 23, 2018 · Revive BF 2142 launched – play NOW. Coffeecup132. 542 posts Member, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, The yet-to-be-launched Revive 2142 will work in the same way with Revive BF2 -> just download the small Revive launcher, and starting your BF2 via the launcher will make the game connect to the new Revive network (instead of encountering

Bf2/2142 revive projects shut down – What does it mean Jun 28, 2018
Revive BF2 / BF 2142 / BF Heroes — Battlefield Forums Sep 19, 2017
is it true that fans revived bf2142? — Battlefield Forums Oct 23, 2016
Battlefield 2 Revive Project — Battlefield Forums Jul 28, 2016

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Battlefield 2142 is back thanks to free, fan-made revival

A bunch of shooter fans have brought back Battlefield 2142 with project Revive, releasing it for free online and letting players take part in the game’s signature, 64-player sci-fi battles.

Fans revive Battlefield 2142 •

The Battlefield 2142 Revive Project, which went live on Friday, 23rd September, saw over 11000 concurrent players did into Battlefield 2142’s 64-player battles. At the time of publication, an

Battlefield 2142 Revive brings back EA’s cult-classic

The ten-year-old sci-fi shooter Battlefield 2142 is back, sort of, thanks to Battlefield 2142 Revive, a fan-made project that went into release just ahead of the weekend. It’s free to download and

Battlefield 2142 Revive Shutdown?!?! : Battlefield – reddit

EA has shutdown Battlefield 2142 Revive despite the fact that they aren’t rebooting Battlefield 2142. Battlefield 2142 is or more accurately WAS my favorite Battlefield game, and I now have no way of playing it ever again.

Top responsesRedditThey didn’t shut it down they just said they are not allowed to distrubate their game for free.15 votesMy lifelong goal of becoming a four-star general in BF2 has once again been shattered by EA. Guess I’ll go wallow in self pity now3 votesDid batllefield heroes revive get shutdown as well??2 votesAnnother corporate annoyance.
It hurts nobody for EA to take this in house, set up a couple of VMs on it and let it run. Have an unpaid intern look over … read more2 votes
yeah its unfortunate =\ me and a friend played 2142 a lot2 votesI have both of these boxed on my shelf. Does any of it work at all ootb?1 voteSee all

Battlefield 2142 Review – YouTube

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Feb 24, 2017 · The Battlefield 2142 Review explores the classic scifi fps that WAS brought back to life by Battlefield Revive. How does the gameplay hold up? Support the channel at

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Battlefield 2 Revive Download Project Ordered to Close

We’ve noticed that Revive Network has several projects and websites devoted to being a Medic by reviving older Battlefield games, including Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield 2, and Battlefield 2142. It’s great to see your enthusiasm for these titles.

Battlefield 2142 is Revived – Play now for Free (BF2 as

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Sep 28, 2016 · Battlefield 2142 and 2 are back after official servers closed and completely free from the BF2 and BF2142 Revive project. Sign up here for an account and download the launcher to get in on the

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Battlefield 2142 – Reclamation

2142 Reclamation How to Play Battlefield 2142, Post GameSpy, Post Revive Shutdown

Playing Battlefield 2 in 2017+ AFTER the Revive shutdown

Playing Battlefield 2 in 2017+ AFTER the Revive shutdown (self.Battlefield2) submitted 1 year ago * by _Walter_White_ [ M ] – announcement PLAY BF2 ONLINE AFTER THE REVIVE …

EA Asks Fans To Stop Keeping Old Battlefield Games Alive

The Revive team, a group of Battlefield devotees who have worked hard for over three years to let fans keep playing older games in the series (like 2142 and Battlefield 2), have been asked by

EA shut down fan-run Revive network | Rock Paper Shotgun

The fan-run Revive Network, a community project to support and restore online play to several defunct EA games (including Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, and most recently Battlefield Heroes) is closing its doors after receiving a warning letter from the monolithic publisher.

Mods – Battlefield 2142 – Mod DB

Battlefield 2142 Extended Singleplayer Jan 15 2012 Released 2010 First Person Shooter Here it is. A fine addon for battlefield 2142. The original single-player sucks so this is a good alternative. Its not supreme but its much better than