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Deregister iMessage. You may need to turn off iMessage if you are now using a non-Apple phone and can’t get SMS or text messages someone sends you from an iPhone. Follow the steps below to turn off iMessage. Transfer your SIM card to your iPhone. Go to Settings. Tap Messages. Turn iMessage off. Go back to Settings.

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Apr 15, 2014 · On the iPad and iPod touch, this will turn off all messaging functions on the device entirely, since there is no traditional texting to fall back on. Open the “Settings” app in iOS. Choose the “Messages” option. Toggle the topmost switch for “iMessage” to the OFF position.

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Jun 14, 2017 · Disable iMessage on your Mac and iPad. Before you turn off iMessage on your iPhone, be sure to disable it on all other Apple devices on which you are using iMessage. Assuming you own an iPad or Mac (or both), here are the instructions for either device. On a Mac, this is done in the Messages …

How to disable and deactivate iMessage on iPhone or iPad

How to deactivate iMessage before switching from iPhone to Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone. Tap the slider next to iMessage to turn it off. Go back to Settings. Tap on Facetime. Tap the slider next to Facetime to turn it off. Now hop into the Messages app and send some messages to people you know have iPhones

How to Disable and Deactivate iMessage on iPhone or iPad

To disable iMessage, head into the Settings app and tap “Messages.” Complete the process of turning iMessage off by flicking the switch. If you do need to turn it back on, here’s where you would do that too.

How to Disable and Deactivate iMessage on iPhone or iPad

How to Disable and Deactivate iMessage on iPhone or iPad. If you have the iPhone or iPad then you can directly turn off the iMessage service using the internal setting there and otherwise, you can get it off from the official website.

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Turn Off iMessage On iPhone. Disabling iMesage on iPhone is pretty easy. Go to the Settings menu of your iPhone. Choose Messages from the Settings menu. And in the Messages menu, look for iMessages. You will notice a slider next to it which allows you to turn it …

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How to Turn Off iMessage on Mac? Suppose you do not use iMessage on iPhone, but you have a Mac and want to make sure iMessage is off. Just like with an iPhone, turning off iMessage on Mac is a matter of a few clicks.