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Will we be getting a personalized “Year in Review” this year? Complete with our Top 5 Artists, most listened to per season, playlist of 100 most played songs, etc. The info included changes slightly each year. Also, the end of the year playlists are out, and I’ve heard Spotify is planning to do something different with the year end playlist.

Spotify Wrapped 2018: How to See Your Spotify Year in

Dec 06, 2018 · Spotify is making it incredibly easy to broadcast your year in review on social media. On the last page of your Wrapped roundup, you’ll have the option to share yours on Facebook, Twitter, or

Spotify – 2016 Wrapped

Who ruled Spotify in 2016? Browse playlists of our most streamed songs and artists this year. Top Tracks of 2017: USA. Top Artists of 2017. Top Groups of 2017. Top Male Artists of 2017. Top Tracks of 2017. Top Female Artists of 2016 – USA. Top Male Artists of 2017: USA.

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One minor benefit of this is that the service can produce slick, informative “year in review” lists that show each user what they listened to the most in any given year. Any Spotify user who

Is Spotify “Year in Review” gonna be back this year? : spotify

Last year, I believe it was on December 7th, they launched a “year in review” feature for 2015 that showed you your personal top-streamed artists, albums, genres, etc. of the year, a list of notable historical musical moments from the year, a few miscellaneous things like the track you streamed the most in one day and your most-streamed artists

Top responsesRedditIt should be! I’m excited.60 votesIt really frustrates me that Spotify doesn’t give you data on your listening 24/7. Keeping track of number of plays and other data is super interesting to me and I … read more154 votesDamn well better be18 votesMine sucks, never uses the music i have downloaded offline in its stats7 votesWas definitely pretty cool. A week before it came out I went through the process of creating a top 100 playlist for the year using my data. Then … read more8 votesItll be all Kanye anyway8 votesSee all

Spotify “Year In Review” Not Working For Anyone Else?
Spotify – ‘Your 2017 Wrapped’ — Review your year in music
Well, after seeing my Spotify year in review, I can’t say
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Spotify’s year in review playlists are confusing the

Every December since 2013, Spotify has released some version of a personalized year in review, in which users can look back at their most-played songs, artists, albums, genres, etc. It’s become so

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Not to be left in the dust is Spotify, which just released its Spotify Wrapped feature. Essentially, Wrapped is just a list of the most popular audio content you listened to over the last year.

Spotify Wrapped 2018: How to get the new ‘my year in

Spotify Wrapped 2018: How to get the new ‘my year in review’ feature that shows your most played songs and artists Find the songs and artists you listened to the most in 2018 Amelia Heathman

Year in review – The Spotify Community

Hi, is there a possibilty I can get access to this years “year in review” 2016 that is. I had an old E-mail that I don’t use and just re-entered the one I use as regular.