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Swelling occurred in soft tissue above distal phalanx on the palm side, closer to joint between distal and middle phalanxes than to the tu. Dr. Mary Engrav Dr. Engrav. I: I wonder if you had bleeding from a small blood vessel. If a small blood vessel tore, it would cause bleeding and discoloration.

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A soft tissue injury to one or more of the fingers may result in: Pain. Heat, redness or bruising. Swelling. Stiffness and loss of function.

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Tendon injuries. Tendons lie just under the skin in the fingers and are covered by a protective sheath. Both the tendon and its sheath can be damaged by a laceration (cut) or a crush injury. A tendon can also be torn away from its bony attachment, which is called an avulsion fracture.


In the Hand, Wrist and Elbow there are hard tissues namely the bones and joints, and soft tissues which includes all the other tissues namely skin, muscles and tendons, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels i.e. arteries and veins. Injury to any of the tissues other than the bones and joints is called a soft tissue …

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Read More. In case of a knuckle joint, cartilage is present as one of the soft tissue. This is the same tissue that sometimes makes a popping sound when someone presses their fingers. There is a possibility that there was some damage to the cartilage tissue during the …

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Sprains and Strains – Soft tissue injury is the damage of muscles, tendons or ligaments throughout the body. Common soft tissue injuries occur from a sprain, strain or one off blow. Tie a length of resistance elastic in front of you at waist level and hold the elastic tightly in one hand. Lift one leg up (elastic side) and pull the elastic

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Soft tissue injuries are common because your hands are exposed and vulnerable during daily tasks and recreational activities. These injuries often cause pain, bruising and swelling. Numbness can occur if the injury damages a nerve or associated swelling puts pressure on a nerve in …

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Ligament Injuries (Fingers) A ‘box-like’ arrangement of soft tissues surrounds the sides and palmar surface of each of the finger joints. The sides of the joints are bound together by collateral ligaments and the front (palmar surface) of the joint is secured by a thick, …


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Injury, tissue damage, healing-return to function In this article Russell Thomas presents a review of generally accepted processes occurring following tissue damage – caused by trauma or over-use.

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The exact symptoms experienced will depend on the injury sustained. Any combination of pain, stiffness, swelling, tingling, numbness, and/or erythema (redness) to the affected digit are likely. The inability to extend or flex the finger is indicative of soft tissue damage.

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Understanding the basic anatomy of the hand and fingers is useful in understanding different types of finger injuries, broken fingers, and how some treatments differ from others. Fingers are constructed of ligaments (strong supportive tissue connecting bone to bone), tendons (attachment tissue from muscle to bone), and three phalanges (bones).