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“A light rod and reel would be a convenience in catching the pacu. We used to fish for the latter variety in the quiet pools while allowing the canoe to drift, and always saved some of the fish as bait for the big fellows. We fished for the pacu as the native does, kneading a ball of mandioc farina with water and placing it on the hook as bait.

Class: Actinopterygii

Testicle-eating ‘ball-cutter’ fish could be heading for UK

A testicle-eating fish nicknamed the “ball-cutter” could be swimming towards the UK after being found in French waters. The razor-toothed pacu fish, which has been known to bite off male swimmers

‘Ball cutter’ pacu fish caught by New Jersey pensioner in

The Ball Cutter boasts an impressive set of man-like molars, which tear off the testicles of unwitting hunters, leaving them to bleed to death. ‘Ball cutter’ pacu fish caught by New Jersey

Meet the Ball Cutter fish, the piranha-cousin nicknamed

The total number of testicles to be forcibly claimed by pacu is unclear, but according to The Telegraph, Ball Cutter fish are responsible for at least two cases of death-by-castration.. Harrowing

FACT CHECK: Is the Pacu a Testicle-Biting Fish?

Claim: The red-bellied pacu, an invasive species related to the piranha but with human-like teeth, is known to have bitten off men's testicles, killing at least two victims.

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‘Ball Cutter’ fish that bites men’s testicles caught in

‘Ball Cutter’ fish that bites men’s testicles caught in Papua New Guinea . GlobalPost. The Pacu fish — known to locals as the “Ball Cutter” — has much more human-like teeth than this shark

Pacu Fish Is Called Ball Cutter for a Reason

Ball Cutter Fish Kills Fishermen by Biting off Their Testicles. By Sumitra on January 6th, 2012 Category: Animals, News. Share Twitter Google. Man-eating predators have always been part of legend

The ‘ball-cutter’ fish – Australian Geographic

The “ball-cutter” fish. This is not an unusual practice on island countries and territories throughout the Pacific region. Since 1949, more than 25 species of fish have been introduced in PNG alone to provide additional sources of food and income for the locals. But where the pacu is concerned, the introduction hasn’t exactly been smooth

‘Ball-cutter’ fish with human teeth | HOOKED

‘Ball-cutter’ fish with human teeth ‘Ball-cutter’ fish with human teeth or red pacu for short, is a freshwater fish native to South America in the Amazon River. Despite resembling piranhas when young, these fish can quickly grow into giants up to one metre long and weigh as much as 30kg. This trait has earned them the notorious

The Disturbing Story Of The Pacu “Ball-Cutter” Fish

Imagine a fish similar to a piranha, but it weight 60 lbs and has remarkably human-like teeth known for accidental nipping. Meet the pacu fish, aka the “ball-cutter” fish.

How to Make Fish Balls | Easy Delicious Recipes

Sep 04, 2018 · I have wanted to create this post “How to make fish balls from scratch” for the longest time…but it has taken me so long to do it. The reason is simple: the fish. Living in Southern California, right off the Pacific coast, you would think that fresh fish is plentiful and bountiful and that I


‘Ball-Cutter’ Pacu Fish – Swim Naked At Your Own Risk

Aug 14, 2013 · This is absolutely no joke – this species of invasive fish has become infamous for attacking human testicles. In fact, Pacus have reportedly killed fishermen

‘Ball cutter’ fish nothing to fear, expert says | CBC News

‘Ball cutter’ fish nothing to fear, expert says. A fish with a toothy bite does not have a taste for male genitalia, a Danish fish expert is assuring nervous Scandinavian swimmers.

The Lazy Lizard’s Tales: Ball-cutter fish

Jan 08, 2012 · Ball-cutter fish (Photo from The Sun ) Over the past week, you may have read about the discovery of a fish with a rather unsavory taste for a particularly vulnerable part of the human anatomy.