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Leg weakness should also not be confused with a muscle cramps or arthritis which cause a painful inability to move the foot or leg. Leg weakness also interferes with walking especially when it is involving the foot muscles. This is known as foot drop, in which a person unable to lift the foot upwards.

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Weakness is a decrease in the strength in one or more muscles. In the strictest sense, the medical definition of weakness refers to loss of muscle strength, and this article is focused upon conditions that can result in a measurable loss of muscle function. Weakness may be generalized or may affect one muscle or muscle group exclusively.

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Oct 01, 2002 · Weakness or heaviness in muscles throughout the body. This may be accompanied by cramping, especially in the feet, legs, and hands. Sensitive skin that may be painful to the touch; prickling, burning, tingling, or sharp stabbing sensations may occur spontaneously and usually worsen at …

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Weakness of the legs: Introduction. Weakness of the legs: the inability to exert force with one’s muscles to the degree that would be expected given the individual’s general physical fitness. See detailed information below for a list of 28 causes of Weakness of the legs, Symptom Checker, including diseases and drug side effect causes. »

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Full Text: PDF. Sudden weakness of the legs is a presenting symptom which requires urgent attention. ‘Sudden weakness’ not only refers to weakness that is acutely obvious over seconds, hours or days. In some cases, weakness may have been coming on over weeks, discounted by the patient, who then presents with ‘apparently sudden weakness’.

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Aug 02, 2016 · Sciatica is the most common cause for leg weakness. Sciatica then again has many causes. Other than weakness in leg or arm, other sciatica symptoms include burning, tingling and pain. Other than this, spinal cord diseases which cause compression …

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Chronic Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy. Nerve damage in the limbs can be caused by diabetes, toxic substances, immune system issues and low vitamin levels. However, in about one of every four cases no cause can be found and then the condition is called ‘idiopathic’. Symptoms of nerve damage can be (burning) pain sensations, numbness,

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Full Answer. Leg weakness is a common symptom of spinal conditions, such as arthritis of the spine, herniated disc and spinal cord injury, according to Healthgrades. People with spinal conditions typically experience pain, numbness, burning or a tingling feeling in the area of the affected nerve.

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While I do have occasional weakness in my arms, weakness in my legs occurs far more frequently. When this happens I feel like my legs are weighed down with something much like bags of sand. They are heavy and they get tired so easily! I now enjoy fitness, so this is …

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What causes ‘weak legs’ symptoms? Feeling weak in the knees or experiencing “jelly” or “rubber” legs is a common stress response reaction. Most people in fearful or stressful situations experience weak legs. The degree of weakness often is directly proportional to the degree of fear or stress.