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Camazotz: “Death Bat” Vampire God In Ancient Maya Beliefs

In ancient Maya beliefs, Camazotz (Camoazotz) was a vampire bat god. Camazotz means “death bat” in the Quiché Maya language. Associated with night, death, and sacrifice, Camazotz was often depicted holding his victim and a knife. The Maya considered him a terrifying god who served death and ruled the domain of twilight.

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Camazotz: The Mayan Bat God. Though, in the Popol Vuh, Zotzilaha was the name of the House of Bats in the underworld where the hero twins were forced to spend the night by the lords of Xibalba. The legend is that the hero twins slept inside their blowguns as protection from the bats (referred to as Camazotz).

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If Batman Was A Mayan Bat God. To commemorate Batman’s 75th anniversary, Kimbal, together with 29 other artists, was given a plain white bust of Batman by Warner Home Entertainment Mexico and the Mexican Museum of Design, and invited to work his magic on it. He promptly covered it in ornate Maya-inspired art, armor, fangs and all.

CAMA-ZOTZ – the Mayan God of Bats (Mayan mythology)

God of Bats. Not as in bat-and-ball, which wouldn’t be surprising given the Mayan’s love for sport, but flappy wings and pointy teeth. Naturalists and Godologists believe him to be a leaf-nosed vampire bat. He has his own House of Bats in the Underworld, and caused no end of trouble for the HERO-TWINS.

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Camazotz the Death Bat. Camazotz was the gigantic genocidal head-lopping gross fucking ancient Mayan bat god associated with death, sacrifices, caves, blood, and, uh, corn. Equipped with two human arms (one of which holds a knife-like prison shank), razor sharp claws, bat …

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The town of Tzinacatlan in Chiapas (Mexico) is inhabited by the Tzoctziles (people of the bat) from the Mayan family and the town of Tzinacantepec in the valley of Toluca. In the Popol Vuh (Mayan Bible), the bat is a great angel who descended from heaven in order to …

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Welcome to Reddit, Camazotz is a Mayan god of bats which I think would make an awesome new addition to Smite! His lore describes him to be associated with night and death also He is the enemy of Chaac which could add some unique dialogues between the two. He’d fit in perfectly for an assassin type role and his skills could be really unique.

Top responsesRedditThis is the most demanded and anticipates Mayan god, and I am all for it. However, I would prefer seeing a Mayan mage or guardian before they are … read more6 votesNo,no and no he should like this A monster god!2 votesMayan Assassin: Camazotz Mayan Mage: Yum Kaax2 votesAny way he could be classed as a mage? Because I love how he looks but the mayans need a mage before another assassin. Would love to see him in.2 votespls Hi-Rez cant you see we want camazotz ? this is like the fourth time he gets suggested and a different skillset is mentioned pls make him happen, we … read more2 votesToo bad for copyright, otherwise we could’ve gotten an excellent God for a Batman skin.2 votesSee all

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Camazotz was portrayed as a flying bat and was the god of darkness, violence, and sacrifice. He inhabited the Mayan’s version of “Hell”, Xibalba. The Popol Vuh is a story of two twins, the “Mayan Hero Twins”, whose father is killed in a “ball game” against Lords of the

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Popol Vuh, a Mayan sacred book, identifies Zotzilaha as not a god, but a cavern, “The House of Bats” (2). Zotzilaha was home to a type of bat called camazotz; one of …


Source: Ancient Mayan Mythology. Habitat: Jungles of Central America. In Mayan Mythology, this evil mythical creature was a gigantic vampire bat said to be the same size as a full grown human male, sometimes even much larger. It would randomly and suddenly go …

Camazotz – Bat god of the night, death and sacrifice

Camazotz – Bat god of the night, death and sacrifice. Camazotz (“death bat”) is a Bat god of the night, death and sacrifice. In the Popol Vuh, Camazotz are the bat-like monsters encountered by the Maya Hero Twins Hunahpu and Xbalanque during their trials in the underworld of Xibalba.

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Name list of Maya gods and supernatural beings playing a role in the Classic (200–1000 CE), Post-Classic (1000–1539 CE) and Contact Period A creator god. Camazotz *PV* Bat monsters. Can Tzicnal *L* The Bacab of the north, associated with the color …