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A Size 41 shoe in Europe is analogous to a Size 8 shoe in the UK when converted to UK shoe sizes. This is the same for men’s or women’s shoes. Keep Learning.

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SHOE SIZE CONVERSION CHART The Japanese system is based on the length of your foot in cm, so you may find it useful to measure your foot in cm and find your size this way.

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Under the European (EU) shoe sizing system, shoe size is the length of the “last” – the length of the foot plus two centimeters – expressed in “Paris Points”. The Paris Point is a unit of length equaling 2/3 of a centimeter or roughly 0.2625 inch.

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Shoe Size Conversion Because the foot is three-dimensional, any two-dimensional measuring tool, such as a ruler or Brannock device®, can only approximate your true shoe size. Please also keep in mind the manufacturers use different lasts to construct their shoes, and sizing may vary accordingly.

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If you are purchasing your shoes from outside the UK then please note that all shoe sizes on this site are displayed in the UK format. Also please note that different brands can vary in size. Some can be larger or smaller made than others.

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17 rows · Shoe Size Conversion Chart Different manufacturers use different lasts to construct their …

6 39 5.5 9.25
6.5 39 6 9.5
7 40 6.5 9.625
7.5 40-41 7 9.75

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The shoe size converter is intended to provide an approximation of your true size, it is not a substitute for a personal fitting. Bata does not guarantee as to the accuracy or suitability of the information and shall not be liable as sizing may vary by shoe style and manufacturer.

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If converted to UK sizing, an American women’s shoe size 9 is equivalent to a UK 6. For men’s shoes, it’s UK 8.5. In Euro sizing, a US size 9 is a 41 and a 39 for men and women’ footwear, respectively. Among American women, a U.S. size 9 is one of two of the average shoe sizes (the other is …

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Shoe Size Conversion Chart; Europe UK US Women US Men JAPAN Inch Cm; 32—-8 1/3: 21.4: 33: 1—8 5/8: 22: 34: 2—8 7/8: 22.5: 35: 2 1/2: 5 1/2: 4: 21.5: 9: 22.8: 35

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Feb 09, 2009 · That’s not a UK size boo. That’s the French size. The UK equevalant of a 41 is 7. It is an 8 U.S. size.

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Shoe size 41 is equivalent to a size 10.5 for women and a size 8 for men.

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