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If you can’t turn on your Mac or if the screen turns black, follow these steps to resolve the issue. Your Mac notebook battery service might be covered by warranty, consumer law, or AppleCare+. These prices are for out-of-warranty service.

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Oct 09, 2013 · It just sounds implausible that it would cost you $800.00 plus the minimum $150.00 to have your MacBook Air monitor replaced. I strongly advise you to buy another one. I’m deeply feel the burn of your loss. Apple’s repair depot is the worst in all of computing history.

I also have the same “rainbow of colors” lines that run vertical on my screen on a MacBook air. I guess this is a common problem. If I take a screen capture that image does not show any of the lines.I agree. Look into “third party” shops for screen repairs. There are a bunch of third party places that can do the job for around $350 for 13″ and $275 for 11″ (2013/2014 pricing). The MacBook Air LCD’s on the market are all the same model as the ones Apple is using (again, 2013/2014 info). Here are a couple good ones: <<(full disclusure I own this one and it is my favorite) There are a bunch more, but these are ones I know personally and can recommend.Look, I loved my MacBook Air, and my iPod, and my iTouch and my iPad. but here is the deal: I have the answer, it will cost $800 to for a new computer screen. That is just for the “top deck”, there is nothing wrong with the computer. $800? Seriously, the computer was only $1200. Come on people – how much can that part cost? The screen is only 13 inches–there is nothing about that part worth $800. The “Genius” apparently can’t be trusted to do the repair, heck they can’t even open the back of the case. They aren’t allowed. The only thing a “Genius” is allowed to do is work on something with respect to the software. Here is the odd thing, before they can tell you anything, they need the serial number off of your computer so that they can put it into their system. The only thing they should need to give me a price is my Model #. That is just weird. Did you know that Apple has a special screw for their computers that you need a special tool to open? I could go on – but what is the point? They may not be “screwing their customers” as you say, but they are indeed like a crack dealer. They supply you enough to get “hooked” on their product and things get a little more expensive when you come back for something a little different. To those of you who want to partake in the crack, may I suggest what I will be doing from here on out carry a personal articles rider on your homeowners or renters insurance. Apparently it is only about $40 and will cover the cost of repairs for accidental damage on listed belongings. Yes, I just learned a painful lesson! Now that I think of it, they are screwing their customers. $800 for that part is price gouging. Ugh? Ticked that I like their product.Screen repairs in Apple Stores are pricy. Try looking up 3rd party and local repair shops. Recommend Macbook air New York local repair shop : Business: AlphauraX, Inc Computer Repair and Support

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Apple pros can also provide software support for glitches, updates and installations. Many repair outfits offer a flat rate, starting at a national average of $69-$89, or up to $129 if they also need to do a backup and transfer. A very simple repair might cost as little as $39.

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CPR Cell Phone Repair Cost. At CPR Cell Phone Repair stores, the price for MacBook Pro screen replacements will vary slightly, depending on the size and generation of your device. But most CPR locations are servicing MacBook Pro screen replacements for about $99.99. In addition to providing superior service and premium parts,

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Even with the most expensive AppleCare+ plan ($380 for the MacBook Pro) and the cost of the screen repair ($299), there’s a drop in price. And that’s nice! If nothing else, it’s nice that there’s now an option for insuring against insanely high repair costs for accidental damage with Apple’s …

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Around 100$ for a MBP 13″ screen. MacBook Pro 13″ Unibody LCD Panel. I bought my Macbook Pro battery on iFixit and it works like a charm and do not see any issues so far. I also replaced my iPhone5 power button via iFixit and it works great too. This website also has guides to replace your product parts.

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