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The same goes when expressing thank you and you’re welcome in German. There is a more formal way and less formal way of stating these expressions. There is a more formal way and less formal way of stating these expressions.

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Related phrases. You’re very welcome! You’re irresistible. You’re welcome. You’re my type. A welcome party took place in the restaurant. You’re really not stupid. You’re old enough to know better. You’re just running away from life’s problems. You’re on the right track. You’re an angel! You’re cheating me. You’re nothing.

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Bitte — You’re welcome Bitte is a very versatile word and is crucial to know. It’s one of the first words you’ll probably learn when starting German.

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If you’re trying to choose a destination for your vacation, Germany might appeal to you. Whether you plan to visit the site of the Berlin Wall or backpack through the Rhine Valley, being familiar with simple German phrases can help your interactions with the locals. You’ll likely find several instances in which you can say “you’re welcome.”

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Aug 19, 2018 · To say “thank you” in German, say “danke,” which is pronounced like “DAHN-keh.” However, if someone offers you something and you want to thank them, say “bitte” instead, which is pronounced like “BIT-eh.” If you want to place a lot of emphasis on your thank you, say “danke sehr,” which means “thank you very much.”


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Aug 20, 2013 · Learning how to speak German? In this video, you’ll learn how to say “you’re welcome” in German. How to say, “You’re welcome.” Bitte schon. Bitte schon. Now you try.

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You are welcome here. Hier sind Sie willkommen. [formelle Anrede] You’re welcome in advance! Bitte sehr im Voraus! She will welcome you personally. Sie wird Sie persönlich willkommen heißen. [formelle Anrede] Welcome, step inside and bring good luck with you. Grüß Gott, tritt ein, bring Glück herein. [Haussegen] You are welcome to

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Feb 20, 2016 · I’m thinking about a case: Imagine you ask somebody for the way in the street. The person helps you. You say thank you. The other person says “You’re welcome”. In that case it could be: “Bitte, gern geschehen” “Gerne” “Gern geschehn” just “Bitte” or …

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