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Merle Chihuahuas Due to the increasing popularity of this color pattern, I feel that I need to add some information about Merle Chihuahuas, including the potential health problems, on my website. Many people interested in purchasing a Merle Chihuahua, may be unaware of the problems that they might have with their new pet.

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Blue merle spotted on white long coat female chihuahua puppy. Will be around 4 pounds adult. Has 1st two vaccinations, Bordetella vaccine done and current…

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Some facts about blue merle chihuahuas: Color inheritance for the chihuahua breed including the merle chihuahua The merle gene is dominant in breeds such as sheep dogs, border collies, dachshunds, Great danes it is argued that the merle gene is not naturally present in the chihuahua breed and must have been introduced as a result of cross breeding.

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merle chihuahuas: potential health problems from the merle color gene. merle chihuahuas: potential health problems from the merle color gene. famous chihuahua editor October 5, 2016 chihuahua facts, I rescued what appears to be a blue merle long hair chihuahua. He had been a stray but was judged to be less than a year old, so possibly an

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MERLE: Last, but not least, is the merle Chihuahua. This is a color that Australian shepherds are more famous for. Merle more commonly, can be either blue or red, but there is also sable and chocolate merle …

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“I had seen them only one week earlier on the net, and then I met one at a tiny dogshow. This is a blue merle Chihuahua girl Mini blue merle” “Cyclists And Dogs” “now I just need to find a breeder in the area!” “Now that’s the cutest chihuahua I’ve ever seen!!! Chihuahua. Merle …

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A blue Chihuahua because of the blue tint in the coat A blue Chihuahua is simply another color. Breeding one is difficult because you have to mix different …

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Chihuahuas Non Merle Please The Real Truth About Merle. 390 likes · 1 talking about this. The Merle Chihuahua craze is a fad. This page is dedicated to

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Blue merle Chihuahua. Blue merle Koolie. Liver merle Catahoula Leopard Dogs. Liver merle (chocolate dapple) Dachshund. Tri colored silver dapple Dachshund Lab mix puppy. Black merle Bergamasco Shepherd. Red merle American Cocker Spaniel. From left to right, black, red, and liver merle mixed breed puppies.

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Blue Chihuahua puppies for sale. We also have lavender colors and teacup sizes available. AKC registered Chihuahua breeder. Reserve a puppy today! SASHA***** GORGEOUS SILVER BLUE CHOC WHITE MULTI COLORED MERLE FEMALE SOLD. Category: Blue Chihuahua Puppies. Price: $ 1375.00. View More.

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All Chihuahua puppies have their dewclaws removed, worming and shots. Teresa’s AKC Chihuahuas. loving the breed since 1997. Just had to share this pic of me Chihuahua puppies adult small applehead black blue blue fawn Chihuahuas blue merle blue or chocolate brindle Chihuahua adoptions chicago Rockford Wisconsin breeder in Midwest chihuahua

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Beautiful Long Haired Male Blue Merle Chihuahua Puppy Have a 10 week old blue merle male chihuahua puppy.he is long haired.UTD on all sho Marietta, Ohio » Chihuahua » $800: Chihuahua Puppies [dogandcatlovers] Born January 2nd. Puppies will be available in March. Super cute and playful.

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If you’ve been around the breed a while or have been looking into the possibility of owning a merle Chihuahua you have no doubt come across some pretty disturbing and negative statements made about merle Chihuahuas calling into question their health and their heritage, and maligning those who choose to include them in their breeding programs.