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Wrist pain (self.Rowing) submitted 5 years ago by ManBearSloth Hi there, recently I’ve been getting pain in my right wrist from squaring up (I row stroke side).

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Dec 27, 2015 · Re: Wrist pain and rowing. It is the consensus of all “purists” (in accordance with C2 dictates) that it is right and proper that race results and records should not be valid unless the competitor uses the stone-age, injury-inducing implement (the rigid, single-piece …



COMMON ROWING INJURIES Jo A. Hannafin, MD, PhD FISA Medical Commission . Rowing Injuries Common sites include – wrist and hand – forearm – shoulder – rib – hip – knee – back The majority of rowing related injuries are secondary to rest from rowing until minimal pain


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Extensor Tenosynovitis of the Wrist. Extensor tenosynovitis commonly occurs in early spring with the return to high-intensity rowing in relatively cold weather. This condition is associated with pain, swelling, and crepitus (a sense of creaking) with motion of the wrist. It can cause pain with rowing and other activities such as writing.

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Rowing and Wrist Pain There is obviously a great deal of repetitive motion in a rowing stroke – therefore the wrist can become susceptible to tendonitis. It’s a great idea to wear a wrist brace while rowing , (and even while not rowing) to help reduce the stress on your wrist…

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Common Rowing Injuries. As rowing incorporates all the joints of the body to various degrees, an injury can be sustained to any joint. Aside from the back and knee, common rowing injuries include upper back and neck pain, muscle injuries, knee pain, wrist tendinopathies from oar …

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Rowing Injuries. It can cause pain with rowing and other activities such as writing. Treatment involves the use of a cock-up wrist splint when not rowing, anti-inflammatory medication, and ice. Local cortisone steroid injections may be helpful. The key to prevention is keeping the hand and wrist as warm as possible while rowing.

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Common Injuries. The rowing stress pattern is also thought to be responsible for the high incidence of discogenic back pain. The majority of the knee injuries involved chondromalacia patella and iliotibial band (ITB) friction syndrome, reflecting the constant flexion and extension of the knee under load.

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Rib injuries. Pain over the rib cage in rowers often indicates a stress fracture of the ribs. These injuries make up 10% of rowing injuries and usually occur during intense training in winter or early spring. They most commonly affect the area at the junction of the middle and back third of the rib.

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Curing a wrist injury is largely down to dealing with the inflammation and pain and then teaching the athlete to change their technique. Slow rowing (on the erg or water) with careful attention to technique.

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Feathering hand wrist pains (self.Rowing) submitted 1 year ago by HerrMatthews I have a dull pain in the wrist of my feathering hand and the pain gets worse while I’m rowing.