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Don’t think of it as adding more junk to your already slow Mac — think of it as new software that makes your Mac run more smoothly. So, update your Mac’s OS X to help speed up your Mac. Head to the Mac App Store and search for “macOS Sierra”. Install it and you’ll probably see a nice performance boot.

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Restart your Mac. One of the simplest steps you can take is also one of the most effective. …

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Find Resource-Hungry Processes. RELATED: How to Force Quit Applications on Your Mac When …

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May 21, 2011 · My Mac is running VERY SLOW. It came out of now where. It takes 5-10 minutes just to start up. I have 90.77GB free with 4GB of RAM. All my applications will run normaly and then slow down like crazy. The only things that seem to run normal are …

There aren’t any Mac viruses but check for malware just in case. Follow the instructions from the first two links. And read here. And check the startup disk as it may need repairing. Using Disk Utility to verify or repair disks For Safari. answer · Kappy’s Personal Suggestions for OS X Maintenance For disk repairs use Disk Utility . For situations DU cannot handle the best third-party utilities are: Disk Warrior ; DW only fixes problems with the disk directory, but most disk problems are caused by directory corruption; Disk Warrior 4.x is now Intel Mac compatible. TechTool Pro provides additional repair options including file repair and recovery, system diagnostics, and disk defragmentation. TechTool Pro 4.5.1 or higher are Intel Mac compatible; Drive Genius is similar to TechTool Pro in terms of the various repair services provided. Versions 1.5.1 or later are Intel Mac compatible. OS X performs certain maintenance functions that are scheduled to occur on a daily, weekly, or monthly period. The maintenance scripts run in the early AM only if the computer is turned on 24/7 (no sleep.) If this isn’t the case, then an excellent solution is to download and install a shareware utility such as Macaroni , JAW PseudoAnacron , or Anacron that will automate the maintenance activity regardless of whether the computer is turned off or asleep. Dependence upon third-party utilities to run the periodic maintenance scripts had been significantly reduced in Tiger and Leopard. These utilities have limited or no functionality with Snow Leopard and should not be installed. OS X automatically defragments files less than 20 MBs in size, so unless you have a disk full of very large files there’s little need for defragmenting the hard drive. As for virus protection there are few if any such animals affecting OS X. You can protect the computer easily using the freeware Open Source virus protection software ClamXAV . Personally I would avoid most commercial anti-virus software because of their potential for causing problems. I would also recommend downloading the shareware utility TinkerTool System that you can use for periodic maintenance such as removing old logfiles and archives, clearing caches, etc. Other utilities are also available such as Onyx, Leopard Cache Cleaner, CockTail, and Xupport, for example. For emergency repairs install the freeware utility Applejack . If you cannot start up in OS X, you may be able to start in single-user mode from which you can run Applejack to do a whole set of repair and maintenance routines from the commandline. Note that AppleJack 1.5 is required for Leopard. AppleJack 1.6 is compatible with Snow Leopard. When you install any new system software or updates be sure to repair the hard drive and permissions beforehand. I also recommend booting into safe mode before doing system software updates. Get an external Firewire drive at least equal in size to the internal hard drive and make (and maintain) a bootable clone/backup. You can make a bootable clone using the Restore option of Disk Utility. You can also make and maintain clones with good backup software. My personal recommendations are (order is not significant): Backuplist Carbon Copy Cloner Data Backup Deja Vu iBackup JaBack Silver Keeper MimMac Retrospect Super Flexible File Synchronizer SuperDuper! Synchronize Pro! X SyncTwoFolders Synk Pro Synk Standard Tri-Backup Visit The XLab FAQs and read the FAQs on maintenance, optimization, virus protection, and backup and restore. Additional suggestions will be found in Mac Maintenance Quick Assist . Referenced software can be found at CNet Downloads or MacUpdate . If you are noticing many colored beachball cursors then check out the FAQ for the SBBOD at the XLabs link above. Open Activity Monitor in the Utilities folder. Select All Processes from the Processes dropdown menu. Click twice on the CPU% column header to display in descending order. If you find a process using a large amount of CPU time, then select the process and click on the Quit icon in the toolbar. Click on the Force Quit button to kill the process. See if that helps. Be sure to note the name of the runaway process so you can track down the cause of the problem.In the time it takes to troubleshoot, you could erase and reinstall the Mac OS X providing all of your important files are backed up first. 10.6: Erasing and reinstalling Mac OS X on your startup disk

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What to Do If My Mac is Running Slow: The First Steps. When an Apple computer refuses to download and store files, the user begins to panic having no idea what to do.

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I have a MacBook Air (13 inch, less than one year old, running Mac OSx, version 10.6.8). This weekend I was in a hotel, logged onto their free wireless network, and suddenly my computer (which is usua …

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Malware, Virus, and Anti-Virus. Whether it’s adware, spyware, or a virus, malware can be a leading …

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Whether you own an old 2009 MacBook Pro, or a shiny new model with Touch Bar, or the latest 15-inch 2017 MacBook Pro with 512GB flash storage (SSD), over time it can run slowly. There are numerous reasons that might be the causes, but in general they all fall into the following four categories.

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Spotlight Search is Indexing. Spotlight is the search engine built into OS X, and anytime it indexes …