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Oct 12, 2013 · How long does iphone will stay disabled ? Hi everyone., Im a new iphone user, i updated my iphone5 with all recent updates from ios7. I recently changed my passcode and i forgot.

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Iphone4 disabled how long. My iphone has disabled and i forgot my apple id so i cant log into my ituns account . is there a way for me to reset ( delete everything ) off m I had my wireless beats successfully paired with my iphone 5. now my headphones do not appear to be connecting tomy phone. i tried to reset them, b

Incredible! iPhone is Disabled, try again in 23614974 minutes!

Incredible! iPhone is Disabled, try again in 23614974 minutes! If your iPhone is disabled and has to be connected to iTunes, you can connect it to an authorized computer, and the Enter Passcode window will show again. If you insert the right passcode this time, your iPhone will be all right again.

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The answer to this is simple. Too long for you to wait. I recently saw an iPhone that was disabled for 23614974 minutes. For your information, this is 16399 days. Now thats a long time. But to make it a little more easily digested that’s 44.93 years. So not to worry it will be fine by Autumn 2061.

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Jun 06, 2016 · Question: Q: how long is an iphone disabled Hi, I updated i07 late last night, put in a passcode went to bed, woke up not knowing what passcode they wanted (never set mine), then I over exceed the numbers of times and now I am locked out for over 2 hours.

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Nov 02, 2013 · How long is my iPhone disabled for? I've forgotten the passcode and I know it will be disabled for 1min, then 5, then 15, then 60 mins, but what comes after that? Source(s): long iphone disabled for: . Anonymous · 4 years ago . 0. Thumbs up. 0. Thumbs down.

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Iphone 3g disabled for how long. I have an iphone 3gs and i jailbroke it. then something happened so under settings on my phone i reset everything and its been over an hour why? Unlock htc cdma pulse phone pattern i forget my gmail account and i lost my phone number so how i can unlock it? Long iphone 5c disabled duration

My iPhone Is Disabled. Connect To iTunes? Here’s The Fix!

8 incorrect attempts: iPhone disabled for 15 minutes. 9 incorrect attempts: iPhone disabled for 60 minutes. 10 incorrect attempts: “iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes” or iPhone is completely erased if Erase Data is turned on in Settings -> Touch ID & Passcode (or Settings -> …

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Why iPhones and iPods Get Disabled. Sometimes, it tells you the phone is disabled and to connect to iTunes. Occasionally, you’ll even get a message that says the iPhone or iPod is disabled for 23 million minutes and to try back later. Obviously, you can’t really wait that long – 23 million minutes is nearly 44 years. You’ll probably need your iPhone before then.