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World Freehand Circle Drawing Champion – YouTube

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Jan 09, 2007 · Alexander Overwijk draws a perfect freehand circle 1m in diameter in less than a second. Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact – licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom.

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Circle Drawing Competition between Pro Teachers – YouTube

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Teacher draws a perfect circle : BeAmazed – reddit

Artists from across Italy submitted marvels beyond reckoning, but Michelangelo arrived to the Vatican with a blank piece of parchment, and drew a perfect circle. The Pope was so amazed with his technical skill in hand, that he gave the job to him. edit: Nothing.

Top responsesRedditHe made it seem easy as pi.372 votesHe didn’t even have to draw the face and erase some minor details216 votes“So, tell me again please, what is my grade for the semester?”114 votesi always say drawing perfect circles is the last boss of learning how to draw. and this guy just killed that boss in one hit61 votesI have to use SpongeBob’s Method.56 votesSo this is Alexander Overwijk, he is a teacher in Ottawa, and self proclaimed Free Hand Circle Drawing Champion. Here he is doing it live on the news in 201255 votesSee all

Teacher draws a perfect circle : videos – reddit

I had a teacher in middle school that also drew perfect circles. That was our reaction when she said she was going to draw a perfect circle. It was amazing to see in person and we always tried to find an excuse to get her to draw another one.

Top responsesReddit2007 competition: votesTo prove his worth to the pope as an artist, Giotto drew a perfect freehand circle. votesHe was my teacher in highschool once upon a time. there were 2 other teachers who always challenged him. they were pretty good, but Ovi always won.19 votesI love how much respect this guy has got from his students. (even before the circle :))13 votesAlso check out MIT’s Walter Lewin’s dotted lines: votesI don’t want to be a wet blanket but a perfect circle is a very precise thing. Without being measured it is only a very accurate circle.34 votesSee all

Teacher who can draw perfect circle does it live – MSNBC

Math teacher Alexander Overwick is a self-proclaimed “world freehand circle-drawing champion” after an online video of him drawing the perfect sphere got more than 6 million hits.

Teacher Makes Perfect Circle |

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Jan 09, 2007 · Teacher Makes Perfect Circle. After explaining to his students that he goes to the World Championship drawing contest in Las Vegas each year, this teacher gave a little demonstration on how

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The Teacher Draws a Circle Perfectly – Video | eBaum’s World

Tags: perfect circle teacher las vegas champion competition skit. NEXT VIDEO Reporting from the Slopes. 4 Comments. Login to Comment; Related Videos. The Perfect Circle Hilarious Prank On The Teacher’s Whiteboard Fireworks Display Draws Penis to Amuse Large Crowd Perfect English Gentleman Keeps Calm During Road Rage Incident Top 5.

A teacher draws a perfect circle on a chalkboard –

Imgur: The magic of the Internet.

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